A determination of the velocity of light using the twin superheterodyne principle

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Most of the newer electro-optical determinations of the velocity of light have been based on the modulation principle of Bergstrand. The author developed in 1952–54 the “Twin Superheterodyne Principle” for electro-optical distance measuring. This modulation principle is now incorporated in the AGA instruments and the author has used a Geodimeter 8 for a new determination of the velocity of light. The present study has been made in close cooperation with the Finnish Geodetic Institute which made its base line Niinisalo-Pihnari (22 219 848.3 + 1.78 mm) available for the author. The final result from 2 weeks of observations was c = 299 792 375 + 60 m/sec. The final statistical analysis has been made with the use of Wiener-Hopf filtering technique. Hypothesis testing according to Fisher and Hart is included.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1972.tb01574.x
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