Mechanisms of Antarctic katabatic currents near Terra Nova Bay

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Davolio, S. ; Buzzi, A. (2011)

The evolution of Antarctic katabatic wind in the vicinity of Terra Nova Bay has been studiedusing a three-dimensional, hydrostatic, limited area model. Realistic simulations of a summerkatabatic event, using different horizontal resolutions, have been performed by employing asequential self-nesting procedure. The high-resolution orography data allow a description ofthe structure of the main valleys and of the two different flows descending from the broadReeves Glacier and (with less accuracy) channelled into the much narrower Priestley Glaciervalley, respectively. The mechanism of katabatic wind development has been investigated bymeans of a Lagrangian diagnostic study performed along trajectories flowing down from theabove-mentioned glaciers. Heat balance and kinetic energy balance have been evaluated accuratelyin order to asses the characteristics of the two katabatic currents that may superpose oncethey reach the Nansen Ice Sheet.DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0870.2002.01290.x
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