Current Data on the Chemical Composition of Air and Precipitation

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Egnér, H. ; Eriksson, E. (2011)

Last spring an informal conference on atmospheric chemistry, initiated by Prof. C. G. Rossby, was held at the Meteorological Institute of the University of Stockholm and a note on this conference was published in Tellus (ERIKSSON, 1954). Among other things a new network of collecting stations for precipitation and air samples was discussed; this network was to extend over the whole of Scandinavia and Britain.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1955.tb01146.x
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    66 2 Jena bottles, and are analyzed for the same main constituents as the precipitation samples, with the exception-forced upon us by the technique of sampltng-of nitrate, pH, conductivity, and bicarbonate. The analytical technique is the same as for precipitation, but some modifications must be made on account of the still smaller amounts in the air samples.

    Details of the sampling, and analytical procedures will be given elsewhere. Quite a lot of precautions as to the purity of reagents etc. have to be taken, and some of the methods used have been worked out particularly for this purpose. Caum, H. 1935: Zeiuchr. Analyt. Chemie, 103. 166. E G N ~ RH, ., EUKSSON,E., EMANUBLSSOAN.., 1949: Ann. Royal Agr. College, Sweden, 16, 593. ERIICSSONE,.,1954: Teffus 6, 302.

    HUNTERJ,. G., 1950: Analyst 75, 95.

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