Relata refero: ”Positiv, pigg och bra attityd”

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Hofvendahl, Johan (2004)
  • Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
  • Journal: Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy (issn: 2002-0317)

This article focuses on assessment deliveries in discussions on progress, i.e. when the teacher reports on his/her fellow-teachers’ assessments. In these episodes, the teacher runs the risk of ending up in a complicated situation, essentially since the assessments recurrently are very brief and/or difficult to interpret. To meet these problems, the teacher make use of certain strategies, e.g., adding his/her own comments that often seize upon the gratifying content of the assessment, or involving the pupil to engage in a "sidetrack" of an everyday character. In both cases, the sequence is made to last longer as it, simultaneously, undergoes a ”conversationalization”.
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