Inaugural Editorial - Modern working life and inclusion

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Vinberg, Stig (2012)
  • Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
  • Journal: Society, Health & Vulnerability (issn: 2002-1518)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/vgi.v3i0.19579

Working life occupies a considerable part of life for most people and is therefore of great importance to public health. Besides work environment factors, employment conditions and the possibilty to balance work and leisure are of importance to individual health. Working environment conditions and the health of individuals are also important issues for the development and growth of organizations and regions. Health in working life is therefore a special target in several European and Swedish policy documents. In the Europe 2020 strategy it is pointed out that ensuring quality of work and employment is a core element for achieving competitiveness and sustainability. According to the community strategy on health and safety at work, good health at work helps improve public health in general and also the productivity and competitiveness of businesses. In a recent Swedish governmental report addressing a renewed work environment policy it is stated that the positive and health promoting effects of a work environment must be more visible. Furthermore, workplace problems of health and safety exact a high cost for social protection systems and therefore workers need to be provided with suitable working conditions if their general wellbeing is to be enhanced. Working environment and employment relations are also important when discussing social determinants for health and health equity in working life.(Published: 25 September 2012)Citation: Vulnerable Groups & Inclusion.
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