TOVS retrievals obtained with the 3I-algorithm. A study of a meso-scale cyclone over the Barents Sea

Article English OPEN
Heinemann, GÜnter (2011)

ECMWF analyses and TOVS retrievals obtained with the Improved Initialisation Inversion (version 2) algorithm are used to study a meso-scale cyclone over the western Barents Sea during 26–27 February 1987. Due to the good spatial and temporal coverage of the polar regions by TOVS data, the development of this vortex was documented in detail. Results from TOVS retrievals are compared with results from a simulation using a limited area model. The retrievals reveal the intensification of a cold air outbreak over the period of a few hours, leading to enhanced formation of the vortex. The development of an extended warm belt over the Barents Sea is observed, but the weak warm core, shown by the numerical simulation at lower layers inside this warm belt, is not resolved.
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