Music education – privately, personally and professionally The school subject of Music, digital media and tools

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Scheid, Manfred (2014)
  • Publisher: Education Inquiry
  • Journal: Education Inquiry (issn: 2000-4508, eissn: 2000-4508)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/edui.v5.23255
  • Subject: music pedagogy; teaching music; digital media; digital tools; performativity

This article is about the way in which and to what extent digital media and tools are used in the teaching of music in Sweden. Through interviews and observations, teachers’ and pupils’ experiences and expectations of digital media and tools are presented. The investigation considers eight municipal schools with pupils in the ninth form. The article adopts a media ecological perspective, which implies that media create new social and communicative structures for constructions of knowledge and identity. The results show that music is expanding both quantitatively as the supply increases, and qualitatively since it is being integrated with mobile images to a great extent. Teachers choose material from the Internet and create their own digital teaching materials. Pupils choose music and artists based on personal preferences. Stage performances are important and are imitating those of professionals to an increasing degree. Use of the Internet broadens and deepens music abilities and knowledge, but the focus is still on playing in rock and pop ensembles.Keywords: music pedagogy, teaching music, digital media, digital tools, performativity(Published: 3 June 2014)Citation: Education Inquiry (EDUI) 2014, 5, 23255,
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