Occurrence and distribution of king eiders Somateria spectabilis and common eiders S. mollissima at Disko, West Greenland

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Frimer, Ole (1993)

King eiders and common eiders were recorded at Disko Island, West Greenland, in the period 1989-1993. Both species occur year-round in the area, although in low numbers during the period of extensive ice-cover January-April. In May and the first half of June, large numbers of king and common eiders on spring migration stage along the western coast of Disko. In the autumn (August-October) an estimated 15,400-20.100 king eiders undergo prcbasic moult in the area, with the highest concentrations in the fjords and bays of western Disko and along the coast of southeast Disko. This estimate indicates that a recent population decline may have taken place. Only two female common eiders with ducklings were recorded during the study period. In the period July-September an estimated 3,200–4,800 male common eiders undergo prcbasic moult in the area, mainly at the archipelago of Kitsissut and in the outer fjords and bays of western Disko Island.
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