The Wilhelmøya Formation (Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic) at Bohemanflya, Spitsbergen

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Dypvik, Henning ; Hvoslef, Sven ; Bjærke, Tor ; Finnerud, Egil (1985)

An 18.5 m thick shale sequence of Norian-Rhaetian age is described from the Bohemanflya-Syltoppen area (north of Isfjorden. central Spitsbergen). Lithological, petrographical and palynological analyses show that the sequence represents a marginal development of the lower part of the Wilhelmeya Formation. The depositional history at the Triassic-Jurassic transition is discussed in the light of this new evidence. The Wilhelmøya Formation was probably deposited during a weak marine transgression over an area of low relief. Low sediment supply and current and wave reworking of the sediments characterized the depositional conditions.
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