Politics of Assessments: International organisations and globalisation of educational steering

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Pettersson, Daniel (2004)
  • Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
  • Journal: Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy (issn: 2002-0317, eissn: 2002-0317)

In this article I raise some questions about international comparative assessments and the impact these assessments seems to have on the field of education and curriculum. In doing this I exemplify the discussion with two different concepts of assessment. One early me thodology of assessment carried out with the scientific cooperation of the IEA – mostly exemplified in the TIMSS study – and a newer methodology carried out by the OECD – exemplified in the PISA 2000 study. By doing this I will show some interesting results with a curriculum sensitive assessment and a newer post-curriculum sensitive assessment. In this development the theory of literacy have come to play an important role with an interesting implication from measuring knowledge to assessing competencies. These results are discussed as an international educational hegemony which consists of structural adjustments and a development of knowledge assessments carried out by international organisations and the impact an international educational hegemony has on the field of education and curriculum and the way we speak of them.
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