Be7 and P32 in ground level air

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Aegerter, S. ; Bhandari, N. ; Tamhane, Rama ; Tamhane, A. S. (2011)

Weekly samples of dust collected from ground level air at Bern (47° N) have been analysed for their contents of cosmic ray produced Be7 and P32 during January-September 1965. The observed ratios of Be7/P32 place a limit on the spring influx of stratospheric air. It is discussed that the pronounced spring maximum in Be7 concentration in ground level air, observed by some investigators at temperate and high latitudes is, to a large part, a manifestation of other meteorological factors, e.g. better vertical mixing within the troposphere, rather than due to a large influx of air from the stratosphere.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1966.tb00228.x
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