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Richards, Stephen (2011)
  • Publisher: Research in Learning Technology
  • Journal: Research in Learning Technology (issn: 2156-7077)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/rlt.v1i1.9475

Compact Disc Interactive (CD-I) is a new electronic publishing medium for multimedia information. Unlike conventional publishing media such as paper and film, CD-I provides an interactive method of accessing stored information and controlling its subsequent display on a TV screen. CD-I revolutionizes the publishing of all sorts of material such as music, text, images, computer graphics, film and video. It also adds many capabilities not possible with traditional publication media. Until recently, however, the only widely available textbook on CD-I was Preston's Compact Disc-Interactive: A Designer's Overview, published in 1988 by Kluwer Technical Books. Now, with the recent release of CD-I in Europe, three new books on the technology have become available. They form part of The CD-I Series produced by Philips Interactive Media Systems (UK) and published by the Addison-Wesley. All three have 1992 imprints.DOI:10.1080/0968776930010109
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