Intracellular ‘wiring’ for real-time cell communication

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Rawson, F. J. ; Yeung, C. L. ; Jackson, S. K. ; Mendes, P. M. (2013)

Technology for understanding the real-time molecular events occurring within cells that underpins their behaviour is currently lacking. Despite important developments, the biochemical processes in a cell can be only poorly quantified, limiting the ability to resolve the dynamic molecular processes that underlie important cellfate decisions, such as differentiation, cell division and cell death.(Published: 13 August 2013)Citation: Nano Reviews 2013, 4: 22429 -
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    1. Rawson, FJ, Yeung, CL, Jackson, SK, Mendes, PM. Tailoring 3D single-walled carbon nanotubes anchored to indium tin oxide for natural cellular uptake and intracellular sensing. Nano Lett 2013; 13: 1 8. doi: 10.1021/nl203780d.

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