Nanoscale thermal probing

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Yue, Yanan ; Wang, Xinwei (2012)
  • Publisher: CoAction Publishing
  • Journal: Nano Reviews (vol: 3)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/nr.v3i0.11586, doi: 10.3402/nano.v3i0.11586, pmc: PMC3303495
  • Subject: feature size | Review Article | nanoscale | Raman spectroscopy resistance thermometry | scanning thermal microscopy | nanoscale; scanning thermal microscopy; feature size; near-field; Raman spectroscopy, resistance thermometry | near-field

Nanoscale novel devices have raised the demand for nanoscale thermal characterization that is critical for evaluating the device performance and durability. Achieving nanoscale spatial resolution and high accuracy in temperature measurement is very challenging due to the limitation of measurement pathways. In this review, we discuss four methodologies currently developed in nanoscale surface imaging and temperature measurement. To overcome the restriction of the conventional methods, the scanning thermal microscopy technique is widely used. From the perspective of measuring target, the optical feature size method can be applied by using either Raman or fluorescence thermometry. The near-field optical method that measures nanoscale temperature by focusing the optical field to a nano-sized region provides a non-contact and nondestructive way for nanoscale thermal probing. Although the resistance thermometry based on nano-sized thermal sensors is possible for nanoscale thermal probing, significant effort is still needed to reduce the size of the current sensors by using advanced fabrication techniques. At the same time, the development of nanoscale imaging techniques, such as fluorescence imaging, provides a great potential solution to resolve the nanoscale thermal probing problem.Keywords: nanoscale; scanning thermal microscopy; feature size; near-field; Raman spectroscopy; near-field; resistance thermometry(Published: 12 March 2012)Citation: Nano Reviews 2012, 3: 11586 - DOI: 10.3402/nano.v3i0.11586
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