Thermohaline circulation sensitivity to intermediate-level anomalies

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Artale, Vincenzo ; Calmanti, Sandro ; Sutera, Alfonso (2011)

A two-dimensional Boussinesq ocean model has been used to investigate the effect ofintermediate-level thermal and saline anomalies on the known multiple equilibria structure ofthe thermohaline circulation. These anomalies are taken as a crude representation of theMediterranean outflow in the Atlantic Ocean. The associated perturbation drives the systemtowards an overturning which resembles the present average Atlantic thermohaline circulation.The sensitivity to the depth at which the anomaly is placed is also investigated. We found thatnear-surface anomalies are more efficient in affecting the structure of the equilibria.DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0870.2002.01284.x
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