Storm surges along the Western coast of Norway

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Gjevik, B. ; Røed, L. P. (2011)

Storm surge situations along the western coast of Norway between 62° N and 68° N are examined. The observations show that large storm surges are caused by strong south westerly winds acting along a large section of the coast. This situation occurs when an intense low pressure center moves relatively close to the coast and in a direction nearly parallel to it. A model of surge generation by propagating wind fields acting along a straight coast is studied. Analytical solutions for the surge amplitude along the coast are obtained and discussed. The theory is applied to storm surge situations along the western coast of Norway, and it shows that the wind stress in the direction along the coast and the Coriolis force are important forces for the generation of large surges. The wind stress component normal to the coast (i.e. north westerly winds) and the changes in the atmospheric pressure contribute less to the surge.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1976.tb00664.x
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