Recherches sur l'ozone atmosphérique et la température de la stratosphère en Laponie Suédoise

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Vassy, A. ; Vassy, E. (2011)

Measurements of atmospheric ozone have been made in Abisko (Swedish Lappland) during two different periods, one extending from December 1934 to March 1935, the other beginning with August 1949. Measurements of “mean temperature” have shown an annual temperature variation the amplitude of which is in excess of 100°C and which is due to the prolonged insolation of the stratosphere in high latitudes. It follows from the discussion of the results that it is necessary to determine the annual variations of the vertical distribution of ozone and of temperature in the stratosphere of those regions.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1950.tb00314.x
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