Some real data tests of the interpolation accuracy of Bratseth's successive correction method

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SEAMAN, R. S. (2011)

The theoretical relationships between statistical interpolation (Eliassen, 1954; Gandin, 1963) and correction methods of objective analysis (Bergthorsson and DGs, 1955; Cressman, 1959, henceforth C), and the convergence properties of the latter methods, have recently been investigated by Franke and Gordon (1983), Bratseth (1986, henceforth B), Lorenc (1986). and Franke (1988). In B, there was described an iterative method, similar in some respects to that of C, but which always converges in the limit to the statistical interpolation (SI) result. The purpose of this note is to present the results of some tests of the univariate interpolation accuracy of the B method, in comparison with SI and C on a large set of real data.DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0870.1988.tb00415.x
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