An Aerological Study of Zonal Motion, its Perturbations and Break-down

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Berggren, R. ; Bolin, B. ; Rossby, C.-G. (2011)

This paper contains an aerological analysis of a series of rapid-moving frontal waves associated with a well developed zonal current over central Europe. The gradual destruction of this zonal flow through a retrograde blocking “wave” is described. The relationship between the blocking process and the deepening of series of waves approaching the blocking zone from North America is discussed. The observational data and conclusions from this aerological study are presented for the purpose of rendering some assistance to theoreticians investigating atmospheric wave motions, by providing a few numerical values for certain characteristic parameters of these waves and by calling attention to a factor which appears to play a significant rôle in the deepening of certain types of extra-tropical wave cyclones, viz. the variation with longitude of the basic current pattern.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1949.tb01257.x
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    Fig. 17. Contours and isotherms on the Soc-mb surface, 0300 GMT, February 18, 1948.

    Fig. 18. Contours and isotherms on the 50-mb surface, 0300 GMT, February 20, 1948.

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