Fission Product Radioactivity in the Air along the 80th Meridian — January—June 1957

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Lockhart, L. B. ; Baus, R. A. ; Blifford Jr., I. H. (2011)

Measurements of gross fission product radioactivity in the air at a number of sites along the 80th meridian (west) are reported for the period January—June 1957. The concentration of long-lived radioactive products (primarly fission products) in the air continues to remain considerably higher in the Northern than in the Southern Hemisphere. Among the more interesting developments, there has been obtained a definite inverse relation between the air concentration of radioactivity and rainfall during the dry and rainy seasons at Panama. The use of “radioactivity profiles” (plots of latitude vs fission product concentration) to represent a cross section of the average air concentrations of fission products along the 80th meridian for any given period offers a ready means to obtain the total burden of such activity in the atmosphere for such a period and to follow its increase or decrease with time.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1959.tb00007.x
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    6 U L. B. L O C K H A R T , JR., R. A. BAUS, A N D I. H. B L I F F O R D , JR.

    concentration of fission products in the air for each month and the monthly averages for each collecting station are compared in terms of curies per cc of air. The average fission product activity of the air at Washington during this period is about ten times that recorded on monitor equipment at NRL in early 1954 (BLIFFOR1D9,56) during a period of relative quiet. The highest activity recorded at NRL this year ( 7 . 4 ~ 1 0 - l 8curies per cc) may be compared with the maximum of 6.1 x 10-17 curies per cc of air recorded here in May 1953 following a test in Nevada. The maximum activity recorded at any location in the Southern Hemisphere this year ( 2 . 2 ~ 1 0 - l ~curies per cc of air at Lima, Peru, June 1957) is far below the U. S . Atomic Energy Commission tolerance of I x 10-IS curies per cc of air for continuous exposure to unidentified B emitters.

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