Foraminiferal distribution in the western Barents Sea, Recent and Quaternary

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L. Østby, Kirsten ; Nagy, Jenö (1982)

Foraminiferal faunas were analysed from 22 cores (length 30-165 cm), three grab samples and one dredge sample taken from Spitsbergenbanken and the trenches Storfjordrenna and Bjørnøyrenna. The distribution pattern of selected taxa and eight assemblages are discussed in relation to water depth, currents and sedimentation. The assemblages found on Spitsbergenbanken where currents are particularly active, are clearly different from the assemblages occurring in the more quiet environments of the trenches. In the Quaternary evolution of the area three successive stages are distinguished: glacial shelf environment of the Weichselian; semiglacial, or transitional environment of the Late Weichselian and Early Holocene; open, or deglaciated shelf environment of the Holocene. Minor faunal changes in Storfjordrenna are explained by changes in the current pattern. In some assemblages marked postmortem changes have taken place which include solution of calcareous shells, breakage and abrasion by currents, and transport of shells out of the high energy bank area with assumed redeposition in deeper water.
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