Einige Ergebnisse von Windprofilmessungen über See bei stabiler Schichtung

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Von Hoeber, Heinrich (2011)

Wind profile measurements in the lowest layers above the sea surface under conditions of stable stratification are presented which have been performed—using floating buoys—during a cruise in the Baltic in April 1964. It is shown that the “log + linear”-profile law proposed by Monin and Obuchow holds well even in the more stable range. Using a rough estimation of the Monin-Obuchow length L' =L·KH/KM the author obtains a value of ?? = ?·KH/KM which increases from 6 to 9 with increasing stability. Friction velocity is also computed from the wind profiles employing the log + linear law, and presented in terms of the drag coefficient. It turns out to depend on the thermal stratification, decreasing with increasing stability.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1968.tb00390.x
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