Measurement of the diffusion of radon, thoron and their radioactive daughter products in the lower layers of the Earth's atmosphere

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Fontan, Jacques ; Birot, André ; Blanc, Daniel ; Bouville, André ; Druilhet, Aimé (2011)

We undertook the study of the diffusion of radon, thoron and their radioactive daughter products in the lower strata of the atmosphere in relation to the variations of certain meteorological parameters, with the object of a possible future application to the measurement of the pollution and the diffusion of the air. We give the results of measurements which we have taken between 0 and 30 metres in altitude for the study of the vertical distribution of natural radioactivity, and in different regions in order to define the influence of certain local parameters. The study of vertical distribution is carried out at the National Meteorological Observatory in Magny-les-Hameaux (Seine-et-Oise). A tower 30 metres high permitted us to take air samples continuously at several heights above the ground. We measured simultaneously the concentrations of radon, thoron and the daughter products of these gases. The variations in the concentrations and in the radioactive equilibrium between gas and daughter products are related to the variations of meteorological parameters and, in particular, to the diffusitivity of the air.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1966.tb00278.x
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