Chlorine, bromine and iodine in monsoon rains in India

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Sadasivan, S. ; S. Anand, S. J. (2011)

The mean concentrations of the halogens chlorine, bromine and iodine in a large number of rainwater samples collected in India during the south-west moonsoon at the west coast and at two sites on the hill range near the west coast are presented and discussed. The concentration and ratios of these halogens in the rain-water samples compare very well with those previously observed in marine precipitations. There is no change in the Cl/Na ratios with collection altitude. Br shows a slight enrichment relative to N a at most of the sampling locations and a nominal depletion at one of the sites on the hills. Iodine enrichment is high at all sampling sites and the samples from the higher altitude station on the hills show the maximum enrichment. The study confirms that large deposition of sea-salt occurs along the west coast of India due to the monsoonal flow.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1979.tb00907.x
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