An entraining jet model for cumulo-nimbus updraughts

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Squires, P. ; Turner, J. S. (2011)

A model of a cumulo-nimbus updraught is presented, based on a steady-state, turbulent, condensing plume, entraining environmental air according to the simple law that the inflow velocity at any height is proportional to the upward velocity of the plume. With this model, the shape of the cloud as well as its other properties follow from the dynamics, and cloud development is size-dependent. The virtual temperature excess at cloud base is taken as zero; this seems the only appropriate assumption for a steadystate plume model. The thermodynamical treatment is made with few approximations, and the effect of freezing on the dynamics is included in a simple fashion. Some preliminary calculations result in realistic cloud shapes and reasonable values for the internal properties.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1962.tb01355.x
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