Editorial Introduction (Special Issue on The Social Policy Dimensions of World-Regionalism)

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Yeates, Nicola (2007)

This publication is a result of the first joint research activity undertaken by the Human Dimension Programme and the first German Chair for Conflict Prevention and Peace Studies at MEDAC. The synergy between the two MEDAC programmes is obvious in that they both focus on issues which are now covered by the concept of human security. The seminar on Human Rights and the Conflict Cycle was conceived of as part of this synergetic effort. As editors of this publication and organisers of the seminar we were aware of coming from different academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. The seminar and publication sought to bring together our respective professional and academic experiences. The Coordinator of the Human Dimension Programme is a lawyer with a strong interest in human rights who has worked extensively with NGOs, while the German Chair is a war and conflict expert and a conflict prevention practitioner with extensive background in international organizations. This combination allowed us to put together a programme for the seminar and for this publication that attempts to bridge the divides between academia and practice, between NGOs and international organizations, between the human rights community and the conflict resolution community. The result has been a fruitful interaction between the speakers and contributors to this volume, based on their personal experience and focus, and interest in reaching out across the divides.