Pedagogiken, gymnasieutbildningen och 1960-talets skolreformer – om reformhistoriebruk och en historia i andra hand

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Román, Henrik (2004)
  • Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
  • Journal: Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy (issn: 2002-0317)

This article deals with the history of the Swedish school reforms of the 1960 ́sand the use of that history within the field of educational science. I argue that this history mainly has focussed on the establishing of the 9-year compulsory school [grundskolan] and the stately initiated educational science research accompanying that process. The establishing of the upper secondary school [gymnasieskolan] has been less explored and less considered. I suggest four explanatory factors for the focus on the 9-year compulsory school reform: the emancipatory force of the reform, the quantitative size and its curriculum theoretical implications, and as a consequence of the preceding two, the historical importance both for education and for educational science. Finally, I call for a larger interest in the reform history of the upper secondary school and claim that it should be regarded as a part of the reform history of the 9-year school, not as a consequence of that history.
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