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Radon-222 in boundary layer and free tropospheric continental outflow events at three ACE-Asia sites

Wlodek Zahorowski; Scott D. Chambers; Tao Wang; Chang Hee Kang; Itsushi Uno; Steven Poon; Sung Nam Oh; Sylvester Werczynski; Jiyoung Kim; Ann Henderson-Sellers;
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  • Published: 30 Dec 2011 Journal: Tellus B, volume 57, pages 124-140 (issn: 0280-6509, eissn: 1600-0889, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Informa UK Limited
A 1-year record of hourly atmospheric radon-222 concentration observations at three ACE-Asia network sites—Hok Tsui (Hong Kong), Gosan (Jeju Island) and Mauna Loa Observatory (Hawaii)—is presented and discussed. The observations include the spring 2001 ACE-Asia intensive operation period. Site locations were chosen for the experimental characterization of both boundary layer (Hok Tsui, Gosan) and free tropospheric (Mauna Loa) continental outflow to the Pacific. A significant seasonal variability in background radon concentration is quantified at each site with the ratios of winter maximum to summer minimum background of 96, 15 and 3 for Hok Tsui, Gosan and Mauna...
free text keywords: Atmospheric Science, Fetch, Diurnal temperature variation, Troposphere, Planetary boundary layer, Radon, chemistry.chemical_element, chemistry, Environmental science, Air mass, Latitude, Climatology, Atmospheric circulation
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