Stratospheric ice nucleus measurements from balloons

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Bigg, E. K. ; Miles, G. T. (2011)

The ice nucleus content of stratospheric air was measured at one height in the range 13 to 27 km, on each of 13 experiments, by means of a vacuum pump and filters carried on large balloons. The concentrations were in close agreement with those found by Telford (1960) using an expansion cold chamber in an aeroplane and, per unit mass of air, were comparable with the extreme maxima recorded at the ground in long sequences of measurements in Australia. It is suggested that localised rapid transfer of air from stratosphere to lower troposphere is a probable cause of some ice nucleus storms at the ground. The source of the stratospheric ice nuclei is uncertain but reasons are given for supposing the nuclei to be of extra-terrestrial origin.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1963.tb01375.x
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