The altitude effect on the isotopic composition of precipitation and glacier ice in the Alps

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Ambach, W. ; Dansgaard, W. ; Eisner, H. ; Møller, J. (2011)

1 Simultaneously collected rain samples from 3 stations in the Alps (altitude difference 1680 m) show that the evaporation from falling drops causes an isotopic altitude effect of ?0.2‰ per 100 m. 2 Despite the lack of altitude effect in Alpine snow fall, the summer melting and the wind erosion cause distinct isotopic variations in the net-accumulated material on Kesselwandferner. 3 These variations are reflected in the ice in the ablation zone, and they may be used for studying glacier flow patterns.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1968.tb00402.x
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