Jurassic and Cretaceous palaeogeography and stratigraphic comparisons in the North Greenland-Svalbard region

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Dypvik, Henning ; Håkansson, Eckart ; Heinberg, Claus (2002)

We present sedimentological comparisons and stratigraphical correlations of the Jurassic and Cretaceous epicontinental shelf deposits of Svalbard and updated descriptions of the shallow-marine North Greenland sediments of East Peary Land and Kronprins Christians Land (Kilen). The Callovian to Volgian Agardhfjellet Formation of Svalbard is correlated to the lower part of the Ladegårdsåen Formation on East Peary Land, and to the Birkelund Fjeld, Splitbæk, and Kuglelejet formations of Kronprins Christian Land (Kilen). The Berriasian to Hauterivian Rurikfjellet Formation (Svalbard) correlates with the Dromledome and Lichen Ryg formations from Kilen and the middle part of the Ladegårdsåen Formation from East Peary Land. The Galadriel Fjeld Formation from Kilen and the upper part of the Ladegårdsåen Formation (East Peary Land) are comparable to the Helvetiafjellet and Carolinefjellet formations of Svalbard. These comparisons between Svalbard and North Greenland are combined with stratigraphical information from neighbouring regions in palaeogeographical reconstructions. Five selected time slices are presented within a setting of the most recent plate tectonic reconstructions for the area.
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