On the Solar Work of the Stockholm Observatory

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Öhman, Yngve (2011)

A brief report is given on the regular solar work of the Stockholm Observatory started in 1947. Besides scientific research in special fields the purpose of this work is an attempt to furnish Swedish geophysical institutions and the Royal Swedish Board of Telegraph with solar data in addition to the information given in the Ursigrams. In consequence of its high geographic latitude Sweden is exposed to aurora zone disturbances, and therefore a local and more detailed solar service has been held in high estimation in our country. The observations may be of a general interest, however, as they show that a fairly complete record of many of the principal features of solar activity can be obtained with a modest equipment. Some special methods of observation have been developed which are well adapted for this kind of work.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1950.tb00337.x
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