Numerical Solutions of the Perturbation Equation for Linear Flow

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Eliasen, Erik (2011)

Two-dimensional nondivergent perturbations of linear flow are considered. By means of a simple numerical treatment indications concerning the conditions of exponentilal instability are obtained. Numerical solutions are further used to represent the approximate development of initial perturbations up to a certain time. The correctness of this procedure is shown in the case of the Couette flow. Finally perturbations of a symmetrical harmonic velocity profile are considered in relation to the question about the instability in a barotropic atmosphere.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1954.tb01109.x
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    I p 2 D 2- 3n2 4 p 2 D 2 + n z shown as function of L in fig. 3 . Acknowledgement. I whish to express my gratitude to Prof. R. Fjarrtoft for his helpful suggestions.

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