The chemical composition of arctic haze at Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen

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Samples of arctic haze particles were collected at Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen (12° E, 79° N) during late winter 1979. The filter samples were analysed wet chemically and by particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE). The concentrations of 17 major ions and metals were determined and compared to previous results of arctic and antarctic research. Simultaneous measurements of the aerosol size distribution were used to check the consistency of the results. Both the chemical composition and the size distribution data support the hypothesis that the arctic winter aerosol is heavily influenced by a well-aged continental aerosol originating in midlatitude anthropogenic source areas.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1981.tb01741.x
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