Freezing-nucleation in aqueous solutions of clathrate forming gases

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Reischel, Michael T. (2011)

Experiments were performed to determine the extent to which the nucleating abilities of artificialand natural freezing nuclei are influenced by the presence of clathrate-forming gases dissolved inwater. Changes in the supercooling requirement of water saturated with argon, or propane weredetermined for several nucleant-gas combinations using the drop freezing technique. Thenucleants responded differently indicating that the influence of these clathrate-forming gases onheterogeneous freezing nucleation is not due to changes in the bulk water structure, but resultsfrom modifications at the nucleant-embryo interface. The measurements revealed an irreversibleimprovement in nucleating ability for some combinations and demonstrated that these gases canreduce the supercooling requirement of certain nuclei by as much as 3°C.DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0889.1984.tb00229.x
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