Five subglacial lakes and one of Antarctica’s thickest ice covers newly determined by radio echo sounding over the Vostok–Dome C region

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Cafarella, Lili ; Urbini, Stefano ; Bianchi, Cesidio ; Zirizzotti, Achille ; Tabacco, Ignazio E. ; Forieri, Alessandro (2006)

Radio echo sounding (RES) measurements were collected from 1995 to 2003 during Italian Antarctic expeditions over the Vostok–Dome C region. The data collected allow for the reconstruction of a bedrock elevation map between the Belgica Highlands and the Aurora Subglacial Basin (112.0° - 124.0° E; 74.0° - 78.0° S). Moreover, analysis of the RES data has revealed one of the thickest ice covers in Antarctica (4755 ± 16 m; 118.321° E, 76.059° S) as well as fi ve new subglacial lakes.
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