Current research on public perceptions of nanotechnology

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Besley, J (2010)

Abstract: This review explores research on public perceptions of nanotechnology. It highlights a recurring emphasis on some researchers’ expectations that there will be a meaningful relationship between awareness of nanotechnology and positive views about nanotechnology. The review, however, also notes that this emphasis is tacitly and explicitly rejected by a range of multivariate studies that emphasize the key roles played by nonawareness variables such as, trust, general views about science, and overall world view. The review concludes with a discussion of likely future research directions, including the expectation that social scientists will continue to focus on nanotechnology as a unique opportunity to study how individuals assess risk in the context of relatively low levels of knowledge. Keywords: Nanotechnology, public opinion, scientific opinion, risk perceptions (Accepted: 25 September 2010) Citation: Emerging Health Threats Journal 2010, 3:e8. doi: 10.3134/ehtj.10.164
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