Comparing the Magnetic Abrasives by Investigating the Surface Finish

Article English OPEN
Rampal, Rohit (2012)
  • Publisher: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences
  • Journal: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences (issn: 2319-5606)
  • Subject: Engineering | Magnet Abrasive, surface finish, Magnetically Assisted Abrasive Finishing ,

Magnetically Assisted Abrasive Finishing (MAAF) processes are most suitable for obtaining quality finish on metallic and non-metallic surfaces. In these processes, the cutting forces are generated and controlled by magnetic field developed between the electromagnetic poles and magnetic abrasives. In spite of remarkable results of MAAF processes, the major constraint towards commercial adoption of this technology is the non-availability of magnetic abrasives. The manufacturing techniques for preparing magnetic abrasives are time consuming and complicated therefore the existing magnetic abrasives are very costly. The aim of the present study is to develop and explore the usage of alternative magnetic abrasives. In the present work, magnetic abrasives were prepared by mixing ferromagnetic powder, abrasive powder and a special type of adhesive for bonding. To compare the performance of developed magnetic abrasives, two more types of magnetic abrasives were prepared by using sintering and simple mixing. Brass pipes have been used as work pieces. The performance of various magnetic abrasives has been experimentally measured and compared. Best performance is shown by magnetic abrasives produced by sintering. Glued magnetic abrasives also performed well but simple mixing technique did not show very good results.
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