Revamped Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm

Article English OPEN
Nayak, Dillip Ranjan ; Padhy, Chhayanath (2014)
  • Publisher: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences
  • Journal: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences (issn: 2319-5606, eissn: 2319-5606)
  • Subject: Computer Sciences | CPU Scheduling Algorithm, Round Robin, Context switch, Waiting time, Turnaround time.

Round robin scheduling algorithm is widely used algorithm in time sharing systems. This is because it gives fair chance to every process in the queue. But the main disadvantage with this algorithm is that it has a fixed time quantum assigned for each process that results a larger number of context switching, larger amount of waiting time and turnaround time. In this paper, we have done some modification with the traditional round robin algorithm. The static time quantum is replaced with a dynamic time quantum calculation in every cycle to reduce the waiting time, turn-around time, number of context switching to make the algorithm more efficient and perform better in comparison with the traditional round robin scheduling algorithm. This paper presents a new CPU scheduling algorithm which shows that RRR performs better than RR algorithm in terms of reducing the number of context switches, average waiting time and average turnaround time.
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