Contribution Of Labor Flexibility As A Strategy To Achieve Long Term Organization Goals

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  • Publisher: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research
  • Journal: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research (issn: 2319-5614, eissn: 2319-5614)
  • Subject: Business Management; Human Resources Management

This research is design to understand the contribution of labor flexibility as a strategy to achieve long term organizational goals. The organizations give liberty to its employees to work according to their style because each employee has its own behavior and working style. So to give satisfaction to them dealers give them liberty to work accordingly so that they will adapt themselves for the working conditions. To cope with the changing dynamics of the market downsizing, restructuring, merger and acquisitions play important role in it. So employees must know how to adapt themselves according to the change and employee flexibility is very useful for the success of the company. (Naswall, 2006) The collection of data is done through the personal semi-structure interviews of respondents The Respondents were basically from 4 major automobile dealers which were engaged into car sales where in we have taken 3 managers and 3 employees from various automobile dealerships. These dealerships are General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai, and Suzuki in UK.. The major finding of the research is that the productivity of the employees can be increased by job rotation as they learn about new skill set and acquire diverse working capacity. The organization should have an appropriate mix of fixed term and part timers and contractual employees so as to mitigate the effects of one or the other on the organizations performance.
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