Religious Beliefs Of Tribes Of Assam: With Special Emphasis On The Missing Tribe

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Kaman, Dr. Ranjit (2013)
  • Publisher: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research
  • Journal: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research (issn: 2319-5614, eissn: 2319-5614)
  • Subject: Social Sciences: Department of History | universe, spirits, deities, human soul, ancestor worship, Mibu, Changing

This paper is an attempt to explore the religious beliefs of the Mising. The Mising are second largest tribal community of Assam. The religious beliefs of Mising is based on three major belief systems-about the creation of universe, existence of spirits and deities and about human soul. Ancestor worship is another feature of Mising religion. They believe that ancestor soul are benevolent to the family member and held the responsibility of health and happiness of the family. In order to appease the spirits and deities they perform a series of rituals. These rituals are not priory fixed, it is completely need base. Mibu the traditional priest of Mising played very important role in guiding their life and religious function. The primitive religion of the tribe was animistic and supernaturalism. After came to the contact with the culture of plain, considerable changes has been taken place in their religious beliefs. This paper would examine how far the plain culture sanskritized the Mising society.
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