Photoconductivity Studies Of (TiO2-CdO) Mixed Lattices

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Sachan, Meenu S. (2016)
  • Publisher: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences
  • Journal: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences (issn: 2319-5606, eissn: 2319-5606)
  • Subject: Engineering;Applies Sciences | Photocurrent, Mixed lattices, Thick Binder Layer, Negative photoconductivity, TiO2.

The Photoconductivity and dark-conductivity studies of (TiO2-CdO) mixed lattices have been considered in this paper. The negative photoconductivity has been observed with 100% TiO2 and (80% TiO2 - 20%CdO) samples when illuminated with white light. The maximum photosensitivity has been observed for (80% TiO2 - 20%CdO) mixed lattices. The other mixed lattices and 100% CdO sample have not shown any change in conductivity when illuminated with light. The negative photoconductivity is not observed for (80% TiO2 - 20%CdO) sample when illuminated with ultraviolet light. The nature of photocurrent versus intensity curve changes from super-linear to sub-linear for 100% TiO2 sample, while sublinearity is observed for (80% TiO2 - 20%CdO) sample. This confirms the presence of sensitizing centres near the valence band and the existence of an exponential trap distribution near the conduction band. The decrease in dark and photocurrent with temperature for (80% TiO2 - 20%CdO) sample can also be explained on the basis of these sensitizing centers.35
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