Educational Management of Children with Special Needs in the Context of Right to Education

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Thakur, Dr. Gopal Krishna (2014)
  • Publisher: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research
  • Journal: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research (issn: 2319-5614, eissn: 2319-5614)
  • Subject: Social Sciences; Social Development | Children with Special Need, NPE 1986, Plan of Action 1992, Rehabilitation Council of India, Integrated Education in India

According to a United Nations estimate, approximately 10 percent of the worlds population i.e. nearly 650 million people live with some or the other forms of disability. 90 percent of children with disability worldwide do not attend schools. In the conflict areas, for every one child that is killed, three are injured and are permanently disabled. Children with disabilities are at 1.7 times greater risk of being subjected to some form of violence. The issue of integrating persons with disability or special needs in the mainstream, in the social processes, has been a matter of concern in India, as well as in the whole world, from the time immemorial. In the context of education, this issue has always remained as a challenge for the policy makers, for the implementers, and for the all stakeholders. Govt. of India has put in various efforts to address the issue of mainstreaming education of children with special needs. However, the tremendous challenges of educational management for children with special needs in terms of strategies and its implementation in the school system are major concern despite all such efforts. This paper delineates the statutory provisions that the govt. gas put in place and then discusses the nuances of the various issues and concerns regarding educational management of children with special needs.
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