Virtualized Data Center for CLOUD Based Network Architecture and Environment

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Tekade, Aniruddha P ; Varshapriya, J N (2013)
  • Publisher: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences
  • Journal: Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences (issn: 2319-5606)
  • Subject: Computer Sciences | Architecture, Green, Virtualization, instances, VDC, Shell Script, Bash, SOA, LVM, RAID, TIA, TR/ER.

Today none of the operational domains in the world work without automated machines or computers. The dependency over the computer systems developed dramatically. The desire for the very perfect, highly speedy and less error-prone calculations of humans, made the computer systems famous and deployable in almost every sector of the business and its intelligence. Today we can observe the long distant but a reliable connectivity between different computer systems has been faithfully accepted. Human interventions have been reduced. A single data storage source has made the remote and distributed businesses connected. But somewhere down the line, each of these operational scenarios has to be monitored and controlled by a ultra-mega-super System a collection of multiple server systems gathered at a common place for a special purpose A DATA CENTER. Data Center is critical for corporal operations, monitoring networks and keeping control over all business intelligence activities. Businesses thrive over the operations of data center today. Data Center systems are like building or a portion of building whose primary function is to house a computer system and its support areas. This paper aims to introduce the concept of Virtualized data centers that can play a vital role in todays very challenging domain of Cloud Computing. The sole purpose of this paper is to make proposal of an architecture that has the power to work as a data center that functions virtually for CLOUD technology and no longer physically. We need no investment on multiple hardware resources to build a business quality data center. The implementations of common storage technologies like RAID and LVM can also be deployed with this architecture. All the instances can be loaded-unloaded virtually. In the next sections II and III of this papers, we have attempted to prove how a data center can be simulated in a virtual way so as to work for a real time network. This paper also contains statistical comparison between a datacenter full of giant-costly hardware and our green virtual data center over the factors such as cost, temperature, electricity estimations, maintenance, operational efficiency and some other nontechnical issues
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