Consumer Protection Act is the outcome of lucrative or Cheated Window Dressing.

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Pal, Bindu (2015)
  • Publisher: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research
  • Journal: Journal Of Business Management & Social Sciences Research (issn: 2319-5614)
  • Subject: Business Management; Customer Relationship Management | Consumer, Management, Window Dressing, Consumer Protection Act.

Management is a wing of Commerce education. From this wing we can learn time management, hospitality management, situation management, quality management etc. This type of management teaches us to cope up with the time and situation by applying our mind. Advertisement and Window dressing is such two extensive useful term of management by implementing these terms the big business house starts to flourish more and more. After industrial revolution and globalization gradually the competition rises bigger and bigger among the different business houses. As a result people were getting the good product and services in lesser price. But few dishonest traders for earning more and more profit by taking the advantage of lucrative window dressing started to cheat the consumer. Although the consumer are the king of the market and the economy still businessmen started depriving the consumer by means of providing faulty service, providing inferior quality of goods etc. To secure the interests of the consumer from the grip of those greedy, unfair traders the Consumer Protection Act 1986 came in to force for better protection of the consumer. This Act is such a progressive, bold, prudent social legislation which directly deals with the interest of the consumer and also protects the rights and interest of the consumer as a whole.
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