Design as a complex system (mechanisms of interaction tools)

Article Ukrainian OPEN
Tsoy, M.; Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine (2013)
  • Publisher: Національний Авиаційний Університет
  • Subject: Design; system; purpose; theoretical support; direct information link linguistics design; methods. | 659.125.6 (045) [UDC 745/749]

The system of design consideration is developed as a complexsystem with the appropriate linguistics and substantial addition of new categories that are useful for the further theoretical research and practical use. It is considered condition of contemporary design, its purpose is a propriety ofexistence, the harmony of architectural and objective environment, technical perfection election of technological feasibility and economic efficiency ergonomical comfort and environmental sustainability. Its social value is creatingof provided and worthy way оf life and work, artistic figurativeness of the physical world, social self-organization and humanisation of society,the formation of social identity, inspiration, purification,ennoblement of person, his spiritual rebirth and recreation, perception of work and creative motivation and therefore progressive economic development of society.
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