Condition and prospects of parks central part of the city

Article Ukrainian OPEN
Kovalyov, Y. N.; National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine ; Kosachenko, V. Y.; National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine ; Shinkarchuk, I. V.; National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine (2013)
  • Publisher: Національний Авиаційний Університет
  • Subject: Parks central part of Kyiv; state; style; development of parks. | 766:725 [UDC 705]

The necessity of consideration of the central part of Kyiv parks as a single complex. First formulated the problem of further development as optimization problems in the context of a comprehensive software features yet. The method of expert assessment of the state parks on the basis of a systematicapproach. The results of a study of parks. The technique of identifying promising style based on multiobjective selection of the main character, which is to emphasize the connection with the city parks . We describe the use of character variants in the design model and design elements Copyright parks are the options for their placement. Suggestions for landscaping parks , planning paths, placing them into relief. An applied dynamic installation of some items. Shows the project proposals that implement recommendations for the development of parks. Thetechnique of evaluating expected.
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