Eco-design. Connection of new technologies and non-traditional art solutions

Article Ukrainian OPEN
Rybachenko, S. A.; Pacific National University, Khabarovsk, Russia ; Gornova, M. I.; Pacific National University, Khabarovsk, Russia (2013)
  • Publisher: Національний Авиаційний Університет
  • Subject: Eco-design; alternative energy; power converters; solar pond; convection; water pillows; "water bridges". | UDC 747.620.98.001.76

The article is devoted to synthesis of design and alternative power. The basic ways which allows giving decorative functions to devices of energy transformation by making their part of the art decision of interiors, exteriors and a landscape are described. In other way, involving alternative power in design area. Traditional and modern methods of alternative energy sources use are considered.The project of an unusual colour decision in water design which uses features of the physical phenomena of some chemical substances is presented, so the projects of the author developed with application of eko-technologies are shown.
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