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First Cosmology Results using Type Ia Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey: Constraints on Cosmological Parameters

T. M. C. Abbott; Sahar S. Allam; Per Kragh Andersen; C. R. Angus; Jacobo Asorey; Arturo Avelino; Santiago Avila; Bruce A. Bassett; Keith Bechtol; Gary M. Bernstein; ...
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  • Published: 21 Feb 2019
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
We present the first cosmological parameter constraints using measurements of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) from the Dark Energy Survey Supernova Program (DES-SN). The analysis uses a subsample of 207 spectroscopically confirmed SNe Ia from the first three years of DES-SN, combined with a low-redshift sample of 122 SNe from the literature. Our "DES-SN3YR" result from these 329 SNe Ia is based on a series of companion analyses and improvements covering SN Ia discovery, spectroscopic selection, photometry, calibration, distance bias corrections, and evaluation of systematic uncertainties. For a flat LCDM model we find a matter density Ωm = 0.331 +_ 0.038. For a flat...
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Understanding the Origin of Cosmic Structure
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Testing the Dark Energy Paradigm and Measuring Neutrino Mass with the Dark Energy Survey
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