Species of Nitella (Streptophyta: Charales) from Murmansk Oblast (Russia)

Article Russian OPEN
Romanov, R. E. ; Blinova, I. V. (2015)

Seven new records of Nitella are published from Murmansk Oblast (Russia) following recent revision of specimens deposited in KPABG and IBIW. The new records relate to N. flexilis (L.) C. Agardh, N. opaca (Bruz.) C. Agardh, or Nitella sp. ster. (flexilis vel opaca), and they are the first records for the south and south-east part of the region. A list of all records of Nitella species has been compiled together with a map. These species of Nitella do not seem to be rare in Murmansk Region, and the sparsity of their recorded distribution probably reflects insufficient local study of this group. New records of Nitella and other Charales are expected in the future, and these may provide significant insights into the ecology of charophytes in higher latitudes.
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